Enterprise Learning Systems and Applications Procurement (ELSAP) Adoption Practice

Enterprise Learning Systems and Applications Procurement (ELSAP) Adoption Practice

The goal of ELSAP was to develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) template that would assist educational institutions who were procuring Learning Management System (LMS) technologies to both explore their LMS needs and to design an RFP solicitation notice that would adequately communicate their vision and requirements to the provider community so that the institutions could locate and engage the most suitable vendors who could meet their LMS needs.

The public draft document is available in pdf format below. Please post any comments to the Public Forums.

The initial work of the ELSAP project group focuses on categories of learning systems and applications that integrate into or around a Learning Management System (LMS) solution. A prioritized set of learning systems and applications has been confirmed by the ELSAP project group and is identified and defined below:

  • LMS: Software for delivering, tracking and managing a learning environment. LMSs range from systems for managing training records to software for distributing courses over the Internet and offering features for online collaboration.  Most LMSs are web-based to facilitate access to learning content and administration.
    • Similar Terms: Course Management System (CMS), Managed Learning Environment (MLE), Learning Support System (LSS), Online Learning Centre (OLC) or Learning Platform (LP)
  • Learning Content Management System (LCMS): An environment where instructional designers and developers can create, store, reuse, manage, and deliver learning content from a central object repository, usually a database.
    • Similar Terms: Content Management System (CMS), Learning Objects Repository (LOR)
  • ePortfolio: Collections of personal information about a learner that represent their accomplishments, goals, experiences, and other personalized records that a learner can present to schools, employers, or other entities.

Other templates will be offered at a later date based on project group progess.


Enterprise Learning Systems and Applications Procurement (ELSAP) Adoption Practice - LMS RFP Template

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