CoSN 2019 Annual Conference

Portland, Oregon


IMS Ecosystem and K-12 Initiatives Update

April 1 (Monday) — 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Room: Skyline 1, Hilton Portland Downtown
This meeting will be held during the CoSN 2019 Conference, but it is not part of the CoSN agenda.
District and state leaders are invited to join IMS Global Learning Consortium to hear the latest on key initiatives and projects that are enabling the K-12 digital learning ecosystem. Discussion topics will include: creating K-12 Centers of Excellence, progress on OneRoster v1.2, getting ready for LTI Advantage, and what's next for the IMS App Vetting program. You'll also get updates on 1EdTech and the CASE Registry. And there will be plenty of time for networking and feedback.
Rob Abel, CEO, IMS Global Learning Consortium
Jill Hobson, Institutional Program Manager, IMS Global Learning Consortium
Kevin Lewis, Project Manager, IMS Global Learning Consortium
*Lunch will be provided. There is no cost to participate but you must RSVP in advance.

When One Equals Zero: The 1EdTech Solution for Integration

April 2 (Tuesday) — 8:00-9:00 AM

In 2018, several leading U.S. school district members of IMS Global Learning Consortium began leading a new collaboration designed to result in “digital on day one” access to all digital resources through zero-cost zero-time integration based on IMS OneRoster. 1EdTech includes a scalable central registry, built-in security management, and a set of advanced testing services that ensure digital content providers and district platforms can connect easily and reliably—without the traditional special cases and secret sauce. If all goes well, 1EdTech will preview in fall 2019 with a small number of districts, featuring content from four of the largest K-12 edtech providers. The overarching goal of 1EdTech is to have one trusted and innovative digital ecosystem—based on the verifiable use of open standards—that maximizes the investment in and effectiveness of educational technology product integrations. Learn more about 1EdTech and hear from some of the district leaders that are making it happen!
Rob Abel, IMS Global Learning Consortium, Chief Executive Officer
Steve Buettner, Director of Media and Technology, Edina Public Schools, Minnesota
Debbie Durrence, Chief Data Officer, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Georgia

Learning Innovation at the Speed of Now

April 2 (Tuesday) — 11:15-11:45 AM

Delivering on the “promise of digital transformation” is a daunting challenge for any CIO/CTO. How do you foster the collaboration needed to develop the “Why?” And what are the key strategies and technical foundations enabling the “How” in a sustainable way? How do you develop your district's ecosystem? Join leaders from the world’s largest K-20 edtech collaboration—IMS Global Learning Consortium—for a chat designed to get to the bottom of some of the key lessons and experiences with digital transformation, the ongoing challenges, and key developments on the horizon.
Rob Abel, IMS Global Learning Consortium, Chief Executive Officer
Lenny Schad, Houston Independent School District, Chief Information Technology Officer


1 Apr 2019 - 1:10am to 4 Apr 2019 - 1:10am
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