Digital Curriculum & App Innovation Summit 2022

Baltimore, Maryland


8–9 November 2022  |  Public Event  | Baltimore, Maryland

Digital Curriculum & App Innovation Summit


Creating a Better Future for Education

The past few years have made it impossible to avoid educational technology, so let's use it to our advantage!

1EdTech's new Digital Curriculum and App Innovation Summit will showcase prime examples of how educational institutions leverage technology to make life easier for educators while also improving student learning experiences and outcomes.

Take time to get inspired and collaborate with peer educational leaders, curriculum providers, and edtech suppliers as we co-design digital learning ecosystems to improve teaching and learning for all.


You'll hear from a diverse range of institutions across K-20 as they share practical strategies to improve learner engagement and retention, support digital teaching and learning innovation, and foster collaboration to build a better future for learners at all stages of their journey.

We've designed the Summit program for K-12 and higher education academic and technology leaders, curriculum specialists, instructional designers, digital content providers, library professionals, innovation officers, and other edtech leaders aligned with the following conference topics:

  • Building a Better Future for Education

  • Using Data for Learner Success, Retention, and Outcomes

  • Elevating the Student Learning Experience

Opening General Session: K-20 Innovation—Where Do We Go from Here?

Education is at a crossroads. On the one hand, there's never been a better time to innovate. The challenges over the last year—from remote learning to student well-being to systemic inequities to staffing shortages and burnout—have shaken faith in "business as usual" and opened up conversations about the purpose and future of education. Additionally, investments in devices, software, and connectivity for facilitating remote and hybrid instruction during the pandemic now provide valuable infrastructure for innovative approaches to teaching and learning. On the other hand, schools and teachers are struggling to keep their heads above water. Innovation can't happen in this context if it's just one more thing to add to educators' plates. Drawing on over a decade of research on educational innovation and recent survey data on the state of the field, Thomas Arnett will share inspiring and practical insights on how educators can move forward to solve practical challenges and move toward the innovative instructional models that students, teachers, and faculty need.

Featured Speaker:

  • Thomas Arnett, Senior Research Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute

Thomas Arnett's work focuses on using the Theory of Disruptive Innovation to study innovative instructional models and their potential to scale student-centered learning in K–12 education. He also explores the demand for innovative resources and practices across the K–12 education system using the Jobs to Be Done Theory.

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