OneRoster Day One: Volusia's Intentional Approach (K-12 Webinar Series)


OneRoster Day One: Volusia's Intentional Approach

Event Date: Wednesday, 16 January 2019
Duration: 45 minutes

Join Volusia County Schools to learn about their commitment to achieving digital access on day one. This session will explore how they achieved a plug-and-play ecosystem by systematically moving existing vendors from custom data loads to the 1EdTech OneRoster standard. Volusia will share the resources they used to ensure every student has access on the first day of learning.


  • Nicole Duchesneau, Instructional Specialist, Digital Learning, Volusia County Schools
  • Jamie Stalker, Analyst, Education Assessment and Data, Volusia County Schools

Moderator: Karen Daughtery, K-12 Program Manager, 1EdTech Consortium

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This is the first webinar in the 2019 K-12 Innovative Leadership Series for institutional and district curriculum and technology leaders.