2019 K-12 Webinar Series

K-12 Innovative Leadership Webinar Series 2019
Evolving Your Digital Learning Ecosystem


An interactive series for K-12 curriculum and technology leaders who are looking for peer guidance and innovative ideas on how to evolve your institution's digital ecosystem using 1EdTech open standards for a better return on learning. All webinars will be recorded, but we encourage you to participate in the live virtual session to interact with our expert speakers and have your questions answered.

If you have a suggestion for a topic you'd like to see covered in this series or another 1EdTech webinar, please email it to Karen Daughtery.

All webinars will take place from 2:00-2:45 p.m. (Eastern time) *unless otherwise noted on the dates listed below. Schedule and topics subject to change.

January 16: OneRoster Day One: Volusia's Intentional Approach (Recorded Webinar)

February 20: Closing the Skills Gap with Idaho Digital Learning's Digital Badging Program (Recorded Webinar)

March 20: Top-Down and All Around: How Chicago Public Schools is Committing to 1EdTech Standards (Recorded Webinar)

June 19Procurement: How States Create Leverage for Interoperability (Recorded Webinar)

September 25The K-12 Digital Learning Landscape (Recorded Webinar)

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