K-12 Webinar Series

K-12 Webinar Series:

Leading the Evolution to Student-Centered Learning

Using Digital Learning Resources, Tools and Environments

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1EdTech is proud to announce the 2017 K-12 webinar series. A series of seven webinars will be offered throughout the year. Each session will build upon the other. You are encouraged to participate in all sessions.

K-12 school district curriculum and technology leaders have been working to implement curriculum planning practices, pedagogy and assessment methods that support the evolution to more student-centered and personalized learning. The options for digital support for this evolution are growing rapidly. But the challenge is how to establish a seamless foundation that enables students and faculty to easily select and combine the right resources and tools to enable the student-centered approach. Other key criteria are the ability to collect and view data across the various resources and tools to help guide the student, parent, and teacher. It can be a daunting task to put in place the information technology and digital curriculum infrastructure needed to enable ease-of-use, agility, and actionable data.

In this series, you will hear from educational leaders at school districts across the U.S. that are evolving toward student-centered learning based on open, plug-and-play technologies and integrated curriculum architecture that is supported by hundreds of providers of innovative digital resources, tools, and environments. Each school district has evolved their own unique strategy and approach based on their unique situation. Yet, all of these districts are all collaborating on the open IT and integrated curriculum architecture that enables this flexibility. You will hear about specific approaches from large and small districts, including the specific products districts have chosen to enable student-centered and personalized learning approaches. You will also learn the evolutionary steps that your own district can take to the leverages the large investment that has already been made in the architecture.

15 February: Making the Move to Student-Centered Learning – A Roadmap for Success (session materials)

15 March: Taking the First Steps to Student-Centered Learning (recorded)

3 May: Making Digital Content Discoverable (recorded)

13 September: Ensuring Student-Centered Learning is at the Heart of Every Procurement Decision (recorded)

18 October: Closing the Gaps to Improve Student-Centered Learning (recorded)

15 November: Accelerating Adoption of Digital Curriculum for Student-Centered Learning (recorded)

13 December: Collaboration and Innovation – Cultivating A Marketplace of Plug and Play Tools for Student-Centered Learning (recorded)

This webinar series is sponsored by the 1EdTech Consortium in partnership with CoSN, the Consortium for School Networking, and 
The Learning Counsel