Open Badges Summit 2017

London, England

This conference brought to you by 1EdTech Consortium and Digitalme in partnership with Open University and JISC. 

Modern Employment and Digital Credentials

1 December 2017
RSA House - London, England


It has never been more important to recognize, recruit, and retain talent in the workplace and digital credentials help us see people for who they are and who they could be.
The first 1EdTech Consortium and Digitalme European Open Badges Summit will bring together high-profile employers, members of civil service, education and commercial product leaders to share, learn and discuss the technology, people and climate that make Open Badges work. 
The Summit will take place on 1 December 2017 from 9.00am - 4.15pm, at RSA House (Durham Street Auditorium, 8 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6EZ).


CONFERENCE AGENDA (as of 16 October)


Session 1: Modern work and Open Badges  ( 9.00am-10.00am)  

Modern Working Practices - the Taylor Report 

We are delighted to announce Matthew Taylor will be opening the first 1EdTech and Digitalme European Summit discussing his recent report ‘Modern Working Practices’ (Download here

Matthew Taylor



A Global Vision for an Open Badges Ecosystem

Technology is transforming all aspects of society, within our homes, our learning spaces and our workplaces. Explore how Open Badges v2.0 can empower us to communicate our verified knowledge, skills, and achievements to employers, educators, and our peers. Learn how new features allow institutions to scale their programs and deliver on the promise of digital credentials.

Mark Leuba,

Vice President, Product Management

1EdTech Consortium

Refreshments break: (10.00- 10.30am)  

Session 2: Skills mobility (10.30am - 12.00pm) 

Mobile skill sets and the evolution of recognition  

We are facing a future where digital is at the heart of every business and every job is a digital job. We explore how one of the world's oldest awarding institution has embraced digital credentials to empower and equip learners, employees, and employers to utilise their skills for greater benefit. 

Chris Jones, CEO, City & Guilds Group

Employability Skills for Higher Education

How could Digital Credentials support a framework of employability skills to support learners transition from HE to employment?

Patrina Law, Open University 

Skills without borders 

There should be no borders when it comes to the recognition and deployment of skills. We will explore how Digital Credentials could be used to create a common currency to support equal access to employment and further education opportunities. 

Prof. Ilona Buchem

Beuth University 

Lunch: (12.00pm - 12.45pm) 

Session 3: The  Employer's view (12.45pm - 2.00pm) 

IBM and Open Badges - The Employer's View 

The IBM Open Badge Program is at the leading edge of the badging revolution. Listen to the IBM Open Badge story and find out how they have developed badging opportunities for employees at all levels to learn, invest, and promote their expertise. 

David Leaser,

Senior Program Executive, 

IBM Support Transformation, Skills and Globalization


Effective Talent Management for the Modern Industry

With increasing need for ‘in demand’ skills and the complexities of preparing young people for jobs that do not yet exist--we ask how can Digital Credentials could support the recognition, recruitme, t and retention of talent in the workplace? 

Employer and HE Panel Discussion 


Refreshments break: (2.00pm-2.30pm)  


Session 4: Get Started Track  (2.30pm-4.30pm) 

Design workshop with leading Open Badge Consultants 





Session 4: Tech Track (2.30pm-4.30pm) 

Deep Dive into Open Badges 2.0 and the future of digital credentials: Explore and discover everything you need to know about V2.0 of the Open Badges Standard with leading technical experts. This is recommended for those working to implement, integrate or contribute to the future of the Open Badges Standard. 

Implementing Open Badges 2.0 

Vendor panel - A showcase of how the new features of Open Badges 2.0 are being implemented 



Future of the Backpack 

What works, what doesn’t, and what would you change about the backpack? Join the team developing the backpack to contribute your ideas, opinions, and expertise.  

Interactive Session.


Moderator: Matt Rogers 



Competency Mapping Approaches 

Demos and discussion around evolving approaches to competency mapping, including the new 1EdTech CASE standard and research done in the Open Badge Network.

1EdTech, Beuth University


Family of Digital Credentials - upcoming standards

Demos and discussion about upcoming 1EdTech projects in the Digital Credentials family: Pathways, Extended Transcript, Blockcerts, Personal Achievement Records. 

1EdTech and members



Session 4: Case Studies Track  (2.30pm-4.30pm) 

Deep Dive into Digital Credentials Success Stories: Listen to and ask questions of leading organisations who are using Open Badges including Education Institutions, Employers, and Professional Membership bodies.

Case Studies: Professional Recognition & Membership bodies 

Learn how Professional Membership bodies are turning to Open Badges to provide verifiable records of professional competence to support their members to excel in the employment market. 





Case Studies: Higher Education 

Discover how Higher Education providers are using Open Badges to support their students develop and display vital skills to succeed in the modern industry. 


Open University


Getting started...

Understand how to create, issue, store and share Open Badges in an accessible, interactive way, supported by an Open Badge Expert.