Procurement: How States Create Leverage for Interoperability


Procurement: How States Create Leverage for Interoperability

Event Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2019
Start Time: 2:00 PM EDT
Duration: 45 minutes

As public education digitally transforms, interoperability in K-12 is less about making systems talk the same language and more about equity—giving every student access to the right resources at the right time regardless of geography and socioeconomic status. The challenge for many state education agencies (SEA) that are committed to leading statewide interoperability initiatives is creating leverage with edtech suppliers, especially when software purchases are decentralized and left to local district authorities. In this session, learn how state departments of education can work with their local and regional educational agencies to ensure interoperability through state and local contracts. Discover an online repository of exemplary procurement language that states, districts, and even countries have used to adequately address equity through standards provided by 1EdTech Consortium and developed in partnership with over 70 SEA and K-12 district members. And find the resources you need to create purchasing leverage, breakdown down barriers, and achieve equity in education through interoperable edtech.

  • Dan Ralyea, Director, Office of Research & Data Analysis, South Carolina Department of Education
  • Bruce Umpstead, Director, State Programs, 1EdTech Consortium
This is the fourth webinar in the 2019 K-12 Innovative Leadership Series for institutional and district curriculum and technology leaders. Registration is open to all.

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