November 2020 QM Agenda (Day 3)

IMS Quarterly Member Meeting

Wednesday, 18 November 2020


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All times listed are in Eastern Standard Time

10:00 AM-Noon

Technical Track

Office Hours: Edu-API

  • Markus Gylling, Solutions Architect, IMS Global
  • Joshua McGhee, Technical Program Manager, IMS Global
  • Colin Smythe, Chief Architect, IMS Global

IMS technical staff are available to help you begin prototyping your higher education rostering solutions. This set of office hours focus on using the initial set of implementation artifacts, i.e. the OpenAPI files for the Education Service.

Join the open office hours or schedule an appointment in advance. To pre-book your 30-minute timeslot, register using the link below and email Joshua McGhee at


11:00—11:45 AM

K-12 District Track

Achieving Equity Through a Personalized Digital Learning Ecosystem

  • Daryl Diamond, Director, Innovative Learning,  Broward County Public Schools
  • Dan Gohl, Chief Academic Officer, Broward County Public Schools

Discover how Broward is building its digital learning ecosystem while solving for digital equity at-scale. Learn about the core components of an effective digital learning ecosystem and the considerations that go into selection and implementation. Understand how educational data interoperability plays a critical role in scaling digital equity and how standards are essential in designing advanced ecosystems.

Higher Education Track

In It Together: Sharing the Accessibility Vetting Load

  • Cary Brown, Director, Higher Education Programs, IMS Global
  • Kelly Hermann, Vice President, Accessibility, Equity & Inclusion, University of Phoenix
  • Kate Miffitt, Director for Innovation, California State University Office of the Chancellor
  • Philip Voorhees, IT Manager – Accessibility, Pennsylvania State University

With all of the new tools on campus and existing tools being used in new ways, how do you ensure that they’re meeting the needs of students of all abilities? To alleviate some of that burden, the IMS Accessibility Innovation Leadership Network has been working on a rubric that will help you assess and vet tools. Review the draft rubric, add your questions, and share your experiences!


12:00—12:45 PM

Statewide Track

State of the Statewide Program + CIO Panel

  • Presented by Daniel Ralyea, Director, Office of Research & Data Analysis, South Carolina Department of Education
    with Bruce Umpstead, Director, Statewide Programs, IMS Global

Over the past 12 months, the IMS Global Statewide Program has grown from 8 to 26 members with 96% renewing. This didn’t happen by accident as our members come together to solve real-world challenges for their states and districts. Learn what IMS Global plans for statewide in 2021 and hear from our state CIOs on how IMS Global is helping them in their roles.

  • Panel Moderator: Mark Masterson, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Government Solutions, LearningMate
  • Keith Osburn, Ed.D., Associate Superintendent for Georgia Virtual Learning, Georgia Department of Education
  • Dale Cornelius, Chief Information Officer, Maryland State Department of Education


1:00—1:45 PM

Higher Education Track

Making the Transition to LTI Advantage

  • Tony Anderson, Manager, Learning Tools and LMS, Penn State University
  • Mark McKell, Product Manager, IMS Global
  • Bracken Mosbacker, Technical Standards Architect, IMS Global
  • Francisca Yonekura, Ph.D., Associate Department Head, Learning Systems & Technology, Center for Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida

Find out how you can direct (or redirect) your efforts on optimizing your digital ecosystem so that faculty can focus on creating rich learning experiences for students. We'll cover "must-haves" like seamless integration of third-party tools and apps and "how-to's" like simplifying course building through deep linking to content, playlists, and tables of content. Bring your questions, concerns, and suggestions to this interactive work session and let the experts help.


1:00—2:30 PM

K-12 District Track

Data Dashboards and Personalized Learning: Supporting the Educational Journey

  • Josh McGhee, Technical Program Manager, IMS Global
  • Edina Public Schools—Steve Buettner, Director of Media and Technology, and Michael Walker, Digital Learning Specialist
  • Forsyth County Schools—Mike Evans, Chief Technology and Information Officer, and Tim Fleming, Director of Technology Services

IMS member districts are designing data dashboards to inform instruction based on multiple demographics including student performance. See examples of data dashboards and learn how interoperability can facilitate this endeavor. Together we will explore how two IMS Caliper profiles, Tool Launch and Tool Use can combine to address important questions about learner engagement while using online tools. 

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2:00—2:30 PM

Higher Education Track

A Data-Driven Perspective: Increasing Outcomes by Increasing Engagement

  • Rachel Van Campenhout, Learning Science Specialist, Research and Development, VitalSource Technologies
  • Benny Johnson, Director of Research and Development, VitalSource Technologies

In a rapidly shifting educational environment where online learning has been pushed to the forefront, it is critical to use digital tools designed to elicit effective learning for students. In this showcase, we will outline the research behind the Doer Effect, and the benefit that doing integrated practice has on learning. We will also discuss the importance of working to increase student engagement with that practice, and how that relates to learning outcomes. Finally, we will use data to illustrate how instructors can impact student engagement and provide guidance for utilizing learning analytics and helping students be successful in a digital environment.

VitalSource logo

VitalSource is a Platinum Sponsor of the Learning Impact 2020 Virtual Series

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2:00—3:00 PM

Statewide Track

State of CASE Network

  • Moderator: Diana Ryan Hill, Director of Digital Learning for SAFARI Montage
  • Colet Bartow, Director of Content Standards and Instruction, Montana Office of Public Instruction
  • Richard Murphy, Ed.D., State Administrator: Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX), Alabama State Department of Education
  • Lisa Keeter, System Engineer IT, Kentucky Department of Education

CASE Network celebrated its first birthday in May 2020! What a difference 18 months makes with over a dozen states signing up to publish their standards through CASE Network. Hear directly from state leaders about the importance of publishing standards in CASE and their vision for what comes next for CASE Network. 


2:00—4:00 PM

Technical Track

Office Hours: Digital Curriculum (Common Cartridge, LTI Resource Search, CASE)

  • Kathryn Green, Technical Program Manager, IMS Global
  • Bracken Mosbacker, Technical Standards Architect, IMS Global
  • Colin Smythe, Chief Architect, IMS Global

IMS technical staff are available to help you get your product certification across the finish line. This set of office hours focus on certification for CASE 1.0, LTI Resource Search 1.0, and Common Cartridge/Thin Common Cartridge 1.4/1.3/1.2.

Join the open office hours or schedule an appointment in advance. To pre-book your 30-minute timeslot, register using the link below and email Kathryn Green at

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4:00–4:45 PM

K-12 District Track

Putting the Trust in Your Educational Apps Data Privacy

  • Kate Crawford, Director, Digital Learning and Media Services, Fayette County Public Schools
  • Daisy Bennett, Privacy Officer, Instructure
  • Kevin Lewis, Project Manager, IMS Global

With the recent adoption of the Data Privacy specification, IMS has rapidly expanded its TrustEd Apps program to include the vetting of non-member applications based on the Data Privacy Rubric. IMS district/state and supplier members can now apply for and earn the IMS Data Privacy Seal. Learn how to ensure that all of your applications are certified for Data Privacy.

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Statewide Track

CASE Network Alliance

  • Moderator: Kathryn Green, Technical Program Manager, IMS Global
  • Gina Faulk, General Manager, EdGate Correlation Services
  • Vikash Jaiswal, Sr. Director Emerging Technologies, ACT
  • Carrie Strohl, Lead Product Manager New Products & Platform, PowerSchool

See how the growth and success of CASE Network are leading edtech suppliers and institutions to embrace CASE as the international standard for articulating competencies and academic standards in digital format to support aligned instruction. Hear about new preferred partnerships helping to drive adoption and learn about the new benefits of the CASE Network Alliance! 


4:00–4:45 PM

Higher Education Track

Making Data Work for You

  • Joshua McGhee, Technical Program Manager, IMS Global
  • Patrick Miller, LMS Team Lead, University of Notre Dame
  • Steven Williams, BOA (Advising/Analytics) Service Lead & Product Manager, University of California, Berkeley

What are the questions you wish your data could answer for you? How do you get from data to answers? Join an experienced crew to explore learning analytics, share the insights you’re trying to achieve, and even find out how the new Student Learning Data Model can help you understand how to leverage all the IMS specifications to maximum effect. Bring your questions!

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