Support for Sections

Support for Sections

Use of Sections to construct relate set of questions
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Support for Sections

Hi All,

The current Public Draft of APIP supports the exchange of Items as defined in terms of a QTI Item.

A new use-case has now been added to this work that requires the exchange of a group of Items that refer to a common question context. For example, a short text passage is presented after which there are a number of questions that require the candidate to refer to and/or analyse that text.

Within QTI this is handled by using a Section to enclose the set of Items. The common question information is then presented as Section-level content. From an APIP perspective, this Section-level context will also require alternative accessibility-specific information to be defined for this content.

Note, this is NOT the same as requiring the exchange of Tests. Tests enclose one or more Sections (Sections can also contain Sections).

Colin S.