Thorough Profile of QTIv2.1 'assessmentItem' for APIP

Thorough Profile of QTIv2.1 'assessmentItem' for APIP

A detailed and thorough profile of QTI 2.1 for APIP Items is to be undertaken
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Thorough Profile of QTIv2.1 'assessmentItem' for APIP

Hi All,

At the IMS Quarterly meeting on 8th-11th August (to be hosted by Microsoft at Redmond, WA, USA) the APIP Project Group will undertake a detailed profiling of the QTIv2.1 'assessmentItem' structure (and related structures) to ensure that APIP can support a rich set of advanced Items.

In the APIP Public Draft release we undertook a very conservative profiling process and removed many features which could be used in rich types of Items e.g. templates and feedback.

I'd like to hear from the community what they consider the key functionality for K-12 items and tests with respect to developments over the next five years.

Colin S.