Multiple Question Banks in a Cartridge

Multiple Question Banks in a Cartridge

According to the 1EdTech Common Cartridge v1.3 Implementation states what appears to be two contradictory statements.

Under 3.2 Content Types it has the following two statements:

1. A question bank represents an instance of a QTI objectbank. Multiple question bank can optionally be included in a cartridge.

2. Only one question bank can be included in a cartridge.

The first one appears to have a typo where it should use the plural form of bank, to make it banks, which would mean that you can have multiple question banks in a cartridge. However, the second statement states that you can only have one question bank in a cartridge. These are in the same implementation document and in the same section of it as well.

I would just like to know which is it, can you have multiple question banks or can you only have one?

Then regardless of the answer, it appears the document would need to be updated to more clearly represent this.