Common Cartridge validator?

Common Cartridge validator?

Hoping someone might be able to help me. Our development team is exploring what it might take to make a Common Cartridge export routine for the Pressbooks platform. Pressbooks is an open source platform built on top of WordPress and used to create and publish open textbooks. Pressbooks currently supports exporting a finished book in many formats, including as a PDF and ePub document. We are exploring the scope of work required to create another export routine and have Pressbooks export a Common Cartridge package.

We are currently looking to see if there are validation tools available for CC packages, as there are for ePub packages. Do validators exist?


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CC Validator Access for IMS Members


The IMS Common Cartridge validators are only available to IMS Members.  Please contact Lisa Mattson (IMS COO) for details on IMS Membership.