Free common cartridge validator link not working

Free common cartridge validator link not working

This page on the 1EdTech site:

says that there is a free common cartridge validator accessible here:

Unfortunately, that validator link does not work. Does anyone know what the correct URL is?

Validator assistance

Hi Mark, please try and let me know if that works. Thanks!

Hi Kathryn,

Hi Kathryn,

i tried 
But it does not work.


Validator assistance

Hi Dirk, thanks for the note and sorry to read about this. (I'll email you too.)

I recommend trying in a separate browser window than the one in which you started.  That is often successful. Please try and let me know.





Hi there, I'm not sure if this issue has been resolved. I am having the same issue. I cannot access the validator using the suggested link.

Validator is the URL that is working for me here in Jan '22


My team and I had the same issue. We eventually found, which links to that URL.