Common Cartridge and "learning flow management"

Common Cartridge and "learning flow management"

Ist that possible?

Common Cartridge and "learning flow management"

Hi there,

i'm a little confused after reading several manuals and papers concerning IMS CC.

My question is: Is the following example possible:

Let's say we have a QTI-Test in our Package. Can I define, that users who passed the test see (or be able to access) content A and users who didn't pass the test see content B?

If i didn't get this wrong, this is possible with IMS LD, isn't it? (by using SimpleSequencing).

Please excuse my English - it's a little rusty ;-)



Common Cartridge and

Yes, Common Cartridge currently does not include any conditional release of content, but you are correct that adding LD or Simple Sequencing on top could support this. It can also be done programmatically in the learning platform without using standards (at the discretion of the teacher). There has been discussion in IMS regarding how to add simple adaptive release to Common Cartridge. Technically this seems very straightforward, but the members haven't taken it up yet.