Interoperability between LRS

Interoperability between LRS

I'm an IT engineer student in my last year, and I'm currently working on an intelligent training system project.

The point I try to develop is a correspondence table that will allow to integrate disparate learning experiences into a single Learning Record Store.

For instance, let's say we have a school, that had part of its Learning objects in SCORM and other part in Common Cartidge: the goal would be to integrate the whole content in one Learning Record Store.
Another example, we have one student, in primary school, that changes school when going to secondary. Both institutions don't have the same LRS and LMS. But thanks to an "interoperable" engine, LRS used in primary is successfully converted in the secondary school system.

I have not yet found the best strategy to develop it, and would need some advice, consulting, and collaboration.

Any volunteers?