Using LTI to make SSO

Using LTI to make SSO

I am going to use LTI to make SSO between 2 independent organizations. Can you help me to understand the following things:

  1. There are Organization A and Organization B
  2. Org A has LTI and Org B does not have it.
  3. I need the users of both organizations can edit any organization with Single Sign On option
  4. The issue is that each user has certain roles and permissions. Is it possible that their roles and permissions are saved when they are going to other organization?
  5. Do you have any live example I can see the SSO via LTI development.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Using LTI to make SSO

LTI can be used as a form of SSO - but it can do more than just pass a user's identitiy.  The data passed can include details about the user (e.g. name and email address), details about the context they have launched from (e.g. the ID and title of the course and link within the course used to initiate the launch) and the role(s) the user has in that context (e.g. Instructor or Learner).

You can find more resources about LTI at  You can examine the messages underlying LTI at the test site.  Follow this link to see a list of certified LTI products.  There are many example tools available; for example, the page at allows you to generate trial credentials for launching into a hosted instance of WordPress.

If you are really only interested in using LTI as an SSO mechanism, you can find a sample implementation of this at

Please also consider supporting the cause by becoming a member of IMS; more details can be found at