Sending ContentItemSelection message to TC

Sending ContentItemSelection message to TC


we are using ContentItemSelectionRequest message to pick/filter content to create an assignment with a UI tool. When user performs selection and click 'Create assignment' button, selection is stored at backend and assignment id is generated. This assignment id is to be send back to TC using ContentItemSelection message using content_item_return_url. I am taking analogy of Outcome service 1.0 where lis_outcome_service_url is equivalent of content_item_return_url and lis_result_sourced_id is equivalent of ltilinkitem. Is it OK to send ContentItemSelection messgae to TC from TP backend (like outcome service) OR message has to be 'front end posted' back from UI tool? Basis of my question is coming from line mentioned in spec - " A form would be included in a page returned to the user’s browser and auto-submitted using JavaScript to the URL provided in the content_item_return_url parameter from the TC"

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Re: Sending ContentItemSelection message to TC

Content-Item is a message type and not a service and so the communication occurs through the user's browser (via an auto-submitted web form) and not as a server-to-server HTTP request.  Returning a user back to the Tool Consumer will be very much like the process by which they were redirected to the Tool Provider (or a launch message), a web form is submitted to the return URL provided. HTH.

Thanks Stephen. This

Thanks Stephen. This certainly helps. 



I can see this is an older topic, but I'm trying to get the autosubmitted form to go through. I've created the form, the javascript auto-submits but the test site tells me that the OAuth signature does not match. I'm struggling to find any documentation on which of the form fields need to be included in the signature calculation. Any pointers to docs or reference implementation would be welcome.



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The signature is generated using the OAuth 1.0A specification. It must use ALL of the query and POST data parameters. If you are writing your own code to generate the signature rather than using an existing library (recommended) or want to check the value of a signature, you might find the page at helpful.