Test 8.1 for LTI v1.2

Test 8.1 for LTI v1.2

I can't get test 8.1 to be marked as passing even though everything seems to be working fine. Upon launching, my platform requests the Tool Consumer profile and 1EdTech responds with a valid TC profile. The user is then redirect to the platform. Upon ending the session, the user is redirected back to the return URL specified by the launch request. From my understanding, everything that was necessary was done. Is there anything I might be missing?

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Re: Test 8.1 for LTI v1.2

Sorry about this; it looks like a bug in the certification suite.  If you are able to submit your test results, please note in the comments that I have checked that you also passed test 8.1.  Otherwise, if you are already certified for LTI 1.1, then we can add LTI 1.2 certification to this.