LTI 2.0 Cert Test 1.1 tc_profile_url

LTI 2.0 Cert Test 1.1 tc_profile_url

I'm having difficulty with the new test suite. When running the tool registration tests, the require parameters "tc_profile_url", "reg_key", and "reg_password" do not appear to be set in the registration request.

The message parameters shown by clicking the View Message Parameters button are this:


and this appears to be consistent with what is received by my server. If I am understanding the spec correctly, "tc_profile_url", "reg_key", and "reg_password" should all be set here as well. Have I configured something incorrectly, or is my expectation otherwise incorrect?

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Re: LTI 2.0 Cert Test 1.1 tc_profile_url

Sorry about that; this problem should now be fixed.