Where to download spec?

Where to download spec?

I created a public account, but when I click the link to LTI v1.3 at it brings me to a page that just says "Whoa There!"

See attached screenshots for example.

Is there another step I need to do before I can download the spec?

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Hi Dakom,

Hi Dakom,

Thanks for your interest in LTI. The LTI v1.3 spec, IMS Security Framework and updated extensions (Deep Linking, Assignment and Grades, and Names and Role Provisioning Services) are available as Candidate Final draft specs for IMS members only at the moment. When the specs become Final, open to the public in the coming weeks (IMS members are completing early adoption and we are building the conformance certification test program right now) they will be available to IMS community members and the general public.

If your organization is an Alliance, Affiliate or Contributing Member your login will give you access to these Candidate Final specs as well as the Ruby based code library of the Reference Implementation tool.

If you are not a member, the Learning Tools and Content Alliance is the minimum membership level for early access to draft specs and the product certification benefit. The cost of the Alliance is minimal and varies depending on organization and revenues. You can see prices and benefits and join online here:

Please let me know if you have any questions. Best,