LTI 1.3 - Tool and ressources

LTI 1.3 - Tool and ressources

Hi there,

I am currently implementing the LTI 1.3 tool but some things seems obscur and I would like a bit of help.

When receiving a LtiResourceLinkRequest, how am i suppose to know what to launch.

Can i do something like "lti/{tool_id}/launch/{resource_id}" ?

Seems legit to me. But in moodle when configuring tool you must have to set this url in a list. So for each new activity you must add it, and that does not seem a cool thing to maintain !

So maybe I have to make a link between the context and my resource in my project in any form ? That could be a simple column in database ?

Or maybe a tool is suppose to be used in a small context. So no link have to be made and the tool itself is the resource ?

Could I have any light on this ?