Service scopes

Service scopes

When requesting an access token in the new Security Model adopted by LT 1.3, the scope(s) being requested must be included. The Assignment and Grade services specification and the Names and Role Provisioning services specification both document the associated scopes to be used, but where can I find the scopes to be used for other, older LTI services? For example, Moodle uses the following:

In the unlikely, but possible, event that anyone wishes to offer other services with the new security model, these are the ones I have currently adopted:

Is anyone using anything different, or have other values to recommend for these services? Thanks.

Re: Service scopes

Its been a while since my original post, so just submitting a follow-up in case it has been overlooked.

Has IMS specified the scope names to be used for older LTI services somewhere? If not, are there any comments on the scope names listed in my original message; would you recommend they be changed to something else, or is anyone using anything different?


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It looks like we have those

It looks like we have those documented for Basic Outcomes only, at this point, here: