Blackboard "gradesReleased" issues

Blackboard "gradesReleased" issues

In version 3900.34.0, Blackboard added a new not-yet-spec "gradesReleased" element to LTI 1.3 LineItems. According to their release notes "The default value for gradesReleased is true if you do not specify the attribute." And indeed, any new LTI links created (via package import or deep linking) do have the gradesReleased value set to the correct default of "true".

The issue we've been having is with existing LTI links, which were created before this change. Unfortunately, it appears all those grade columns in Bb had the "gradesReleased" attribute set to "false" for these existing grade columns. This is causing any grade updates (sent via AGS) to get marked as "needs grading" in the Blackboard grade center.

The "gradesReleased" element is part of LineItems, these lineitems already existed, and my tool hasn't sent any lineitem updates, so all indications are that this is a bug with Blackboard's upgrade, in which they forgot to set the "gradesReleased" on existing columns to their stated default of "true".

It may or may not be relevant that AFAIK the LTI links and grade columns where this issue is happening were created by import of a Bb package, rather than using deep linking.

I am posting this partly to see if anyone else is having this issue, and also in the off chance someone from Blackboard's LTI dev team happens to see it, as our impacted users have been having a hard time getting useful help from Bb support. They keep blaming us, the tool, even though we've done nothing to alter the lineitem, and have never included the "gradesReleased" element.