LTI, cookies and Safari

LTI, cookies and Safari

The general solution to the cookie issue proposed a couple of years ago in the article at is for tools to ensure that their cookies have SameSite=None and Secure settings. I have found this works well in most browsers, but the latest release(s) of Safari appear to block all third-party cookies by default. Does anyone have any advice on how to workaround/overcome this apart from asking users to turn off this setting, forcing the tool to be opened in a new window, or avoiding the use of cookies altogether? Thanks.

Solution for Cookies Needed for LTI by Schoology

For what it's worth, Schoology has a solution that they implemented found here:

Re: Solution for Cookies Needed for LTI by Schoology

Thanks for the reply. Do you know when this solution was written, because my testing suggests that all third-party cookies are being blocked in iframes, whether, or not, the user already has a cookie for that domain. Perhaps there has been a tightening of the security settings since this solution was devised.