Primary student location

Primary student location

When reviewing the OneRoster 1.1 specification it's clear where students are linked to one or more organizations, however where is the source of record for which location the student is *currently* located? This seems to be a notable omission. If "dateLastModified" were output on the links / associations between students and orgs we could at least tell which link was defined last and perhaps derive which org / school the student was linked to most recently. But this would not be a good approach as simply modifying a student's association to orgs would affect the dates and then make this unreliable.

A "currentOrg" field would seem to be expected on the User / Student / Teach entity.

Can anyone comment as to how we can use the OneRoster spec to determine where a given student is, assuming the student has a normal history of links as they progress from elementary school, to middle school, to high school, etc.? Any assistance or comments are appreciated.

Thank you -The incidentIQ Team