Line Endings

Line Endings

What line endings are allowed/should be used for csv files?


RFC 4180 states the following:

As per section 4.1.1. of RFC 2046 [3], this media type uses CRLF
to denote line breaks. However, implementors should be aware that
some implementations may use other values.

So I would say this means that the "official" line ending in CSV files is CRLF (DOS/Windows style), but that there are plenty of CSV files created on Unix or Mac systems with just LF as the line endings, and it would be wise to handle that also. Note that according to the OneRoster spec, these files are not completely "official" CSV files anyway, in that they can contain UTF-8 characters and begin with a Byte Order Mark, and are not allowed to have new-lines within values enclosed in double-quotes.