Files with No Data - courseResources.csv

Files with No Data - courseResources.csv

According to:

"Files that contain no data rows are NOT permitted"

We have resources that we wish to share. We wish to assign those resources by classes, and not by courses. Initially I interpreted this as meaning that the courseResources file should have only the headers and no data rows, but that is contradicted by the above. Can anyone help me identify either what the correct setup should be, or if I am missing something about the way we are trying to assign resources?


An approach

Probably, you have resolved this by now, but I am currently implementing OneRoster and also encountered this situation.

There doesn't seem to be any reason why you could not have only resources, none of which have been assigned (yet) to a course or a class, and therefore no classResources or courseResources. Or as you point out, all the resources might be assigned to courses, or to classes, and none of them to the other, meaning one or the other of classResoources.csv or courseResources.csv would be empty.

The approach I took when there are no rows in a file is simply not to generate that CSV file and to mark the csv file in the manifest as "absent". Indeed, this is the approach you have to take if your implementation does not support all the OneRoster profiles. You might support only "Rostering" for example. You still have a manifest file with the 13 required "file.*" rows, with the files other than those associated with "Rostering" given the value of "absent", meaning no data. Since it is optional in all profiles "demographics.csv" is another file that will frequently be in the manifest as "absent". Another file which might be empty is "results.csv". Even though you support Gradebook, and have lineItems, there might not be any results, simply because none of the items are graded yet.