Course-reference for Homeroom classes

Course-reference for Homeroom classes

The spec. saying that "class is an instance of a course" (ref 4.3).

Our challenge: 

Classes of classtype=homeroom (ref. 4.13.1) does not have a subject and are not connected to a course that are scheduled as a lecture with a given curruculum (ref. 4.4).

The homeroom for class "10B" is just the cohort of the student group of typically 25 students and 1 contact teacher. The classes of type "sheduled" are "10B English", 10B Mathematics" and so on, as shown in the time table. 


So what are the recommended value to map as "course"-reference to these homeroom-classes? Could sourcedID to the SCHOOL be appropriate? 

Or could reference to course be left empty when class has classtype=Homeroom?

All references are to 

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Required Fields

Both 'course' and 'school' are mandatory fields for a Class instance. It is the intention of the information being exchanged that needs to drive the way this data is defined.  If the class schedule is important then some covering course should be defined e.g. registration.  If the scedule is not importnat then why exchange the data?

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Exchange of data without schedule



It is actually a fairly typical use case for elementary grade schools (e.g., grades Pre-K thru 5/6) to attribute a student to a homeroom without any specified daily schedule.  Since students do not change classrooms throughout the day, the scheduling aspect is not as critical as it would be at the middle or high school grade levels where students change classrooms (and in doing so change the subject of study).  Homerooms do not have any standards-based content attributed to them (even at the secondary level), where one of the primary functions of a homeroom period is to allocate time to collect daily attendance data.  When districts that I am aware of roster students at the elementary grade level for any type of technology-based product, the students are typically attributed to their homeroom to ensure that permissions remain consistent across the application ecosystem.  

I support what I believe the OP is inferring in their initial post FWIW.