Clarifying the department to school org relationship

Clarifying the department to school org relationship

In 4.13.4, it's noted that "A department may be a subset in a school or a set of schools. Added in V1.1." If I am reading this correctly, it sounds like this means it's permissible for a department to either belong to a single school or to belong to more than one school.

In 5.8, however, it looks like an org is only allowed to have a single parent org:

"parent" : {

"href" : ""

"sourcedId" : ""

"type" : "org"


Would someone be able to clarify the permissible relationship between departments and schools? Is my understanding of 4.13.4 correct, and if so, are there any plans to update the org data structure to allow more than one parent? Thanks!

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Department Clarification

The model intentionally imposes a single parent for each child. An org can have only one parent. A department that belongs to many schools will still be controlled/the responsibility of only one school.


Colin S. (IMS Chief Architect)