OneRoster API

OneRoster API

How can I get historical enrollment records using oneroster API getEnrollments endpoint?

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The answer is implementation

The answer is implementation-specific, as it's technically up to the API provider what scope of data to provide.  That said, I'd say in most circumstances you probably can't get historical enrollment data (at least, not for enrollments in prior school years).  OneRoster was designed to be an interoperability specification to promote account and enrollment provisioning across the myriad pieces of software in an institution's ecosystem.  It wasn't designed to handle reporting or anything longitudinal.  To report out historical enrollments the API provider would also need to report out old courses, classes, academic sessions, grading periods, etc.  I think most API providers have their API scoped to the current school year to avoid confusion.


N.B - I represent an SIS.  Our API is scoped to the current academic year.  I'd love to hear if any other API providers on here handle scoping differently.