New to standard and platforms

New to standard and platforms

Hello, I'm a developer and am new to SIS platforms. We are planning to develop a platform that would be capable of integrating with a number of different SIS platform, Infinite Campus, Power Schools, etc. I started looking into APIs that these platforms might use and I'm getting the impression that many SIS's implement the OneRoster standard. Can someone tell me if that's correct?

Also we're also having trouble getting in touch with these companies regarding information. I did briefly chat with someone at PowerSchools, told them what we were planning and what we needed, and I was directed to their partner site. We've filled out the partner program forms on a couple of websites and just aren't getting any response. We're obviously going to need SIS development environments for development and testing. Can anyone tell me how they're managing that? I'm guessing a lot of people here are working directly with a district that has purchased the SIS. We're in a little different scenario. Our clients are the districts. We would not own the SIS subscription. Our clients would. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Many SIS companies do indeed

Many SIS companies do indeed support the OneRoster integration in some form or another.  My advice to you would be to utilize the TrustEd apps directory to help locate SISs that are certified in OneRoster:  That will give you a good start.  


Regarding your second question: outside of partner forms on individual SIS websites, if you're a contributing 1EdTech member I'd encourage you to come to a OneRoster workgroup meeting (  That's a good opportunity to meet colleagues in other companies and a great place to make connections.  

We're obviously going to need SIS development environments for development and testing.

Many SISs offer their customers a dedicated sandbox or staging environment that the customer could potentially give you API credentials to.  That's the pattern I've seen most often.