2017-Jan-19 OB Working Group Minutes

2017-Jan-19 OB Working Group Minutes

Open Badges Working Group

19 January 2017



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  1. Welcome and Introductions

    • attendee list below

    • 1EdTech staff contacts:

    • Working group logistics

      • 1EdTech Intellectual Property statement

      • Review and approval of minutes from last mtg located in forum or here

      • Two co-chairs from 1EdTech membership are desired to help lead the working group. Interested persons, especially from educational institutions, are encouraged to contact Jeff.


  1. Overview of 1EdTech specification process

    • Mark Leuba described the 1EdTech specification development and approval process that includes an approved charter for the project, a base document, two successful implementations, a “candidate final” version, and a published final version.

    • 1EdTech Technical Advisory Board and Digital Credentials & Badges Exec Board provide governance.


  1. Open Badges 2.0


  1. Next Steps

    • OB Executive Board meeting on Jan 23

    • Make progress towards 1EdTech approval of Final Release of Open Badges 2.0

    • In general: study OB 2.0 draft, confirm use cases, review for technical alignment with other 1EdTech specifications


  1. Upcoming 1EdTech Quarterly Mtg and Summit on Digital Credentials & Badges

    • Reminder: Registration and Details:

    • February 27 - March 2, Orlando.

      • Day-long Summit: Feb 28

      • OB Community Council: Mar 1 (open to public)

      • OB Working Group f2f: Mar 2

    • **What would you like to see during the F2F meeting on 3/1 of this working group?


  1. Next Meeting:  Thursday, Jan 26, 12:00pm EST;  connection details in 1EdTech Calendar:



Anthony Newman

Brenda Perea

Charles Touron

Chris Andrews

Dan Hickey

David Leaser

Deb Everheart

Hal Herzog

Jared Hatch

Joel Hernandez

Jon Mott

Kate Radionoff

Michael Atkinson

Mike Macklin

MJ Bishop

Moses Wolfenstein

Nate Otto

Novak Rogic

Rob Trainer

Robert Bajor

Sherri Braxton-Lieber

Steve Gance

Van Davis

Mark Leuba

Markus Gylling

Jeff Bohrer