2017-Feb-02 OB Workgroup Minutes

2017-Feb-02 OB Workgroup Minutes

Open Badges Workgroup



02 February 2017



Archived recording (available for 30 days)



Alex Reis (D2L), Charles Touron (US Dept of Army), David Leaser (IBM), Mark Mercury (Acclaim), Mike Macklin (CSU Online), Patrina Law (Open U), Novak Rogic (UBC), Phil Long (UT-Austin), Tim Cook (LRNG), Will Engle (UBC), Jason Weaver (Parchment)


  1. Welcome and Introductions


  1. Update on GitHub organization

  2. Feedback from your review of the OB specification

  3. Review recently added issues

    • Approach is to confirm that spec is good and implementable and can be approved as 1EdTech working specification by Dig Cred & Badges Exec Bd by Mar 1

    • Agreement that existing typos or critical showstopper issues with existing published specification will be approved, pushed to master branch and published.

    • Markus provided detailed overview of how GitHub will be used to manage the 1EdTech version of the OB specification:

      • New branch called IMS2.0 will be used and edited going forward

      • Issues #9-93 pre-date our workgroup

      • New issues added in last week; mostly minor updates that do not affect functionality or capabilities of spec. Open for commenting and questions.

      • Group will continue systematic review next meeting


  1. Planning for in-person meeting at Feb Quarterly

    • At least 4 on call indicated they were attending (plus Markus and Jeff)

    • Agenda suggestions

      • Workgroup tasks to be determined

      • Special topics

        • Jeff suggested a review of Extended Transcript and relationship with OB

        • Tim suggested “once and for all an approach to badge portability/interoperability - could be fun”

        • Nate suggested a project show-and-tell be held as part of the Community meeting




Upcoming 1EdTech Quarterly Mtg and Summit on Digital Credentials & Badges

  • February 27 - March 2, Orlando.

    • Day-long Summit: Feb 28

    • OB Community Council: Mar 1 (open to public)

    • OB Working Group f2f: Mar 2


Next Meeting

Thursday, Feb 9, 12:00pm EST; details