2017-Feb-09 OB Workgroup Minutes

2017-Feb-09 OB Workgroup Minutes

Open Badges Workgroup

09 February 2017





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Attendance: Charles Touron, Diego Mendes, Mark Mercury, Nate Otto, Phil Long, Rob Trainer, Steve Gance, Tim Cook, Markus Gylling, Mark Leuba, Jeff Bohrer


1. Welcome / attendance

1EdTech Intellectual Property statement:

Minutes from last meeting posted in forum


  • Meeting URL changed due to 1EdTech webex account changes. Jeff will send email to past participants with new URL


2. Introduce co-chairs (Mark L)


Mark Mercury (Acclaim Pearson) and Tim Cook (LRNG) were introduced


3. Milestone progress (Jeff)

  • Target: By end of next meeting 2/16, obtain workgroup’s approval for recommended 1EdTech OB 2.0 working specification

  • Once working spec is approved, 2+ suppliers will be needed for implementation testing and feedback


4. Review and approve current pull requests

a. Discussed last week (103,104)

b. New this week (115, 117)


  • Approved current pull requests 103, 104, 115, 117

  • Discussion about use of errata doc, “since 1.1…” markers

  • Add link in new spec to “Changes” that will contain a listing of changes between 1.1 and 2.0 and also a list of in-place edits to 2.0 that have been done since January 2017. Goal is to publish even these small changes for transparency.

  • Decision made to retain “History” pages on and append to this document the above changes

  • Markus will make a new issue that contains a list of all these formatting-type of issues for easier reference, then push into 1EdTech branch in time for 2/16 meeting

  • Markus is working with 1EdTech staff to get CSS and other formatting details

  • #107 - recommendation to defer. New label called Backlog will be created and used to identify issues that have been reviewed but postponed

  • #109 closed

  • Request to give GitHub edit rights to co-chairs. Suggestion made to create a process for determining who in the workgroup has edit rights. Create a team, everyone’s github handle referenced - see chat room for everyone’s github handle

    • Jeff create a full team in our repo

  • #118 created to review Extensions for 2.0 - Steve G and Mark Mercury volunteered to review together


5. Review and discuss new issues added in past week


6. Discussion & decision on #105 internationalization/localization

Decision made to implement simplest version, then later expand and evolve at a future time post-implementation




Upcoming 1EdTech Quarterly Mtg and Summit on Digital Credentials & Badges

  • February 27 - March 2, Orlando.

    • Day-long Summit: Feb 28

    • OB Community Council: Mar 1 (open to public)

    • OB Working Group f2f: Mar 2


Next Meeting

Thursday, Feb 16, 12:00pm EST; details