Rev Up Your EdTech Roadmap to Achieve Digital on Day One of Learning—Building the Foundation (Recorded Webinar)

Rev Up Your EdTech Roadmap to Achieve Digital on Day One of Learning [Building the Foundation]

Digital systems need to work together to meet your district’s needs. But today’s digital learning environment is disjointed making it time-consuming for teachers to innovate and personalize instruction. However, there are effective ways to greatly reduce the time spent manually uploading rosters and connecting digital applications so that students can start using these tools on their first day of learning—whether that's at the beginning of the school year or on the day they transfer into the district. Hear directly from district leaders who have adopted 1EdTech Consortium interoperability standards to help reduce costs and implementation times with their digital learning tools as they build the foundation to revolutionize teaching and learning in their districts.

Guest Speakers: Raymond Lee, Fulton County Schools (GA); Jeff Bradley and Aaron Rister, Keller ISD (TX) 

Event Date: Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Building the Foundation Webinar Highlights

  • Jeff Bradley and Aaron Rister from Keller ISD (TX) shared a roadmap for getting their digital ecosystem ready on day one. Day one for Keller ISD is the day that teachers return from summer break. With the use of 1EdTech’s OneRoster standard, Keller ISD is able to make this happen. Listen as they share how the school system works together internally to make sure all timelines are set and schedules are populated. 
  • Raymond Lee from Fulton County Schools (GA) shared the importance of meeting students where they are. In order to do what is best for each student, a system must provide accessibility to a variety of apps. Listen as Raymond shares how having a standard way of rostering has changed Fulton’s experience with digital content and tools. 
  • All guest speakers agreed that when using the OneRoster standard the speed of implementation is a huge benefit. When time and effort are saved, we all benefit!
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This was the third webinar in the K-12 Digital Learning Revolution series for K-12 district curriculum and technology leaders.

In this series, you will hear from educational leaders at school districts across the U.S. that are revolutionizing their district’s digital learning initiatives based on open, plug-and-play technologies and integrated curriculum architecture that is supported by hundreds of providers of innovative digital resources, tools, and environments.

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