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Next Generation Digital Learning Lightning Talks

The Future of EdTech Starts Here!

How does the EdTech community enable the future of learning while removing the obstacles to better uses of technology today? To answer this question 1EdTech Consortium invited organizations that are leading substantial stakeholders in solving the problems of today while establishing the technical foundation for support of digital learning into the future. The set of talks were recorded for all to see. They are highly motivating and yet very pragmatic in terms of highlighting how the landscape of #EdTech is changing through a developing ecosystem of innovative and connected products.

IMS Global members are putting in place the foundation for next generation digital learning through 5 interrelated initiatives.

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Talk Presenters
2016 Learning Impact Leadership Institute Kickoff

Rob Abel kicks off the 2016 Learning Impact Leadership Institute with an overview of the progress being achieved by 365+ 1EdTech members to create an open ecosystem to enable better learning from better learning technology.

Rob Abel, Ed.D., CEO - 1EdTech

Inventing Next Generation of Digital Learning

Rob Abel shares his perspectives from within 1EdTech on how next generation digital learning is being invented with emphasis on how learning and interoperability are inseparable.

Rob Abel, Ed.D., CEO - 1EdTech

Of Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

EDUCAUSE and 1EdTech have a long history of partnering to address the challenges of today and moving the education community forward towards next generation digital learning. John and Malcolm share insights from an EDUCAUSE Research Report funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that outlines the principal domains for supporting next generation digital learning environments (NGDLE): interoperability; personalization; analytics; advising and learning assessments; collaboration; and accessibility and universal design. Since no single application can deliver in all of the domains, this talk outlines a "Lego" approach to realizing the NGDLE.

John O'Brien, President and CEO - EDUCAUSE and Malcolm Brown, Director, ELI - EDUCAUSE

Next Generation Digital Learning from a K-20 Teacher Education Lens

Representing the ISTE organization, a key 1EdTech partner in K-12, Trina Davis reviews the evolution of the ISTE standards from an early focus on how to use the technology to how to amplify learning with technology. Her talk also highlights for district leaders the importance of alignment of the 1EdTech and ISTE standards to support new learning environments.

Dr. Trina Davis, Associate Professor and Director of Glasscock Island in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture - Texas A&M University and Past President of ISTE

Empowering & Enabling Learners

Jon Mott from Learning Objects, a leader in the ed tech community, takes us through some interoperability and articulation challenges students routinely face as they navigate their education journey to get to where they want to go. Jon challenges us to think outside of the box to empower and enable students to achieve their life goals. 

Jon Mott, Chief Learning Officer-Learning Objects

Building a New Ecosystem to Support Connected Learning to Unlock Opportunities

The CEO of Collective Shift, a key 1EdTech partner in the area of open badges, shares her perspectives about that the challenge facing education is to create new learning models that connect passions, peers, and opportunities in the real world. Models that that capture learning wherever it happens and to make the learning count to better prepare our students to succeed in the 21st century. 

Connie Yowell, CEO - Collective Shift

The Promise of Personalization

Personalization is not going to happen overnight. It's going to take time. Dale shares his perspectives from an institutional perspective that the promise of personalization is that we will all stick it out to advocate for the data and science that is needed to support personalized learning. Arizona State University, an 1EdTech Contributing Member, is a recognized leader in ed tech innovation to support today's students. 

Dale Johnson, Adaptive Program Manager - Arizona State University

Together We Can Make the Future of Education Brighter

D2L, a leader in the 1EdTech community collaboration, share's their perspective of how the LMS is evolving from a focus on “feature sets” to a focus on openness. A learning environment that provides teachers with the choice of the tools they want to use and simplifies how those tools are incorporate into the broader learning environment to drive learning impact. 

Jeremy Auger, Chief Strategy Officer - D2L

K-12 Directions in a Digital World

SAFARI Montage, a leader in driving adoption of open standards in K-12, understands that to make the transition from traditional learning to digital age learning requires a district-wide culture change and commitment to open standards. Tim Beekman outlines the key characteristics that he sees in those districts who are successfully making the transition to digital age learning.  

Tim Beekman, CEO - SAFARI Montage

Moodle’s Perspectives about Next Generation Digital Learning Environments

Moodle is an 1EdTech Contributing member and recognized leader when it comes to innovation and supporting open source to enable experimentation and discoverability. In this talk, the CEO of Moodle challenges viewers not to think of next generation digital learning as something that can be designed as the one thing to solve all of the problems facing education, but as a journey towards the future of education that supports learning both inside and out of the institution. 

Martin Dougiamas, Director - Moodle Pty Ltd

Changing Needs: A Vision for the Future of Education

Interoperability, analytics, personalization, collaboration, and accessibility are all vital to creating really good accessible, interactive content that can meet the learner wherever they are in the learning process. Representing VitalSource, an ed tech leader and supporter of 1EdTech, Rich Johnson shares a view of what can be done today to personalize learning and possibilities of the future from the content perspective.

Rick Johnson, Vice President of Product Development and Sales Engineering - VitalSource

We’ve Got to Get this Right

A panel of K-20 institutional leaders share their reactions to what they heard from the lightning speakers and share their expectations of what is needed from the edtech community to realize next generation digital learning in order to better prepare our students today and in the future to succeed. 

Beatriz Arnillas, Director, IT – ED Tech - HoustonISD   Sean Demonner, Executive Director, ITS Teaching &Learning - University of Michigan   Tricia Kennedy, Director of Eclass Transformation - Gwinnett County Public Schools   Jenn Stringer, Associate CIO, Academic Engagement- University of California Berkeley