Learning Impact Virtual Series: Higher Education


Taking your Teaching and Learning Ecosystem Online


Higher Education Digital Transformation

  • Jeff Bohrer, Technical Program Manager, IMS Global Learning Consortium
  • Cary Brown, Higher Education Programs Director, IMS Global Learning Consortium
  • Kelly Hoyland, Higher Education Programs Manager, IMS Global Learning Consortium
  • Moderator: Rob Abel, Ed.D., CEO, IMS Global Learning Consortium

The future of digital education has arrived ahead of schedule. Is your digital ecosystem ready? What are the ‘table stakes’ in getting started with digital transformation on your campus? Your first move is to establish a safe, seamless, scalable, and agile foundation for plug-and-play integration. Once you have that foundation in place, where do you go from there? From learning tools to digital credentials, this webinar provides an indispensable overview of the open standards ecosystem for HED institutions and edtech suppliers on the road to digital transformation during the COVID-19 era and beyond.

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“Nimble is the new normal.”

Characterizing Engagement in an Online Setting

  • Andrew Miller, Ed.D., Principal Educational Consultant, Blackboard

Blackboard's Andy Miller knows, whether it’s prioritizing outreach to academically at-risk students or adjusting course design elements to engage learners, data is at the heart of the matter. While most face-to-face support emphasizes intervention based on student characteristics, teaching and learning online allows educators to monitor and influence behavior based on empirical data gathered through student interaction in the digital learning environment.

"Determining the right data to capture at the right time and then understanding how to use it to enhance and drive student interaction has taken on increased importance, especially as educators move to full or hybrid online learning."

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HED Leaders Perspectives: Moving to Remote Learning

  • Sean DeMonner, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, University of Michigan
  • David Goodrum, Ed.D., Director of Academic Technology, Oregon State University
  • Meggan Levitt, Ph.D. PMP,  Assistant Vice Provost and Associate CIO for Academic Applications, University of California Davis
  • Kelvin Thompson, Ed.D., Executive Director for Center for Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida

COVID-19 is accelerating movement towards key improvements in meeting the changing demographics of students and likely providing opportunities for additional flexibility in the residential experience as well as the distance experience. IMS higher education institutional leaders stress the importance of clarity concerning expectations, humanizing strategies, aspiring to improve incrementally, agility, the importance of data, and looking for opportunities for more asynchronous and granular instruction. IMS is a powerful force for good in enabling the interoperable ecosystem of educational technology that is now literally how the business of education is running. The IMS ecosystem enables the agility needed to improve the faculty and student experience.


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