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Characterizing Engagement in an Online Setting

  • Andrew Miller, Ed.D., Principal Educational Consultant, Blackboard

Blackboard's Andy Miller knows, whether it’s prioritizing outreach to academically at-risk students or adjusting course design elements to engage learners, data is at the heart of the matter. While most face-to-face support emphasizes intervention based on student characteristics, teaching and learning online allows educators to monitor and influence behavior based on empirical data gathered through student interaction in the digital learning environment.

"Determining the right data to capture at the right time and then understanding how to use it to enhance and drive student interaction has taken on increased importance, especially as educators move to full or hybrid online learning."

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EdTech Leaders Perspectives: An Interview with Blackboard

  • Tim Tomlinson, Chief Product Officer, Blackboard

Tim Tomlinson emphasizes that the rapid scale-up is a proof point for how technologies that have been in the works for many years are up to the task. Going forward, we'll be thinking more about online as part of a comprehensive strategy, rather than a separate model, with more emphasis on professional development, course refinement, instructional design, and measurement.  1EdTech has created a healthy edtech ecosystem, and all those who have contributed should be very proud.

"We're hearing from a lot of institutions that the thinking is starting to move from 'how do I do online quickly?' to 'how do I do online well?' and understanding that there really is a difference between remote delivery and truly engaging and effective online learning practices and pedagogy. That's the place where we're seeing the emerging focus and that shift in focus now."


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