LTI Insights

LTI Insights

Manage Your Teaching & Learning Ecosystem

Educational institutions are making considerable investments in digital learning tools to support innovation and new learning models. As institutions expand and evolve a digital ecosystem, the importance of gathering and analyzing data about how, or if, these educational technologies are actually being used across the institution is greatly elevated. Moreover, understanding exactly what data is exchanged between platforms and tools is critically important. Data institutional leaders need about learning tool usage includes:
  • How many students are using a particular tool?
  • In how many courses is a tool being used?
  • During what time of the day, and days of the week, is a specific tool, or are tools in general, being used most frequently?
  • Which disciplines use which types of tools most often?
  • What type of personally identifiable information (PII) is being sent to a third-party tool?

Why LTI Insights?

While some basic data about tool usage may be available from the technology supplier, there are significant differences in the type and volume of data made available, the format in which the data is presented, the way certain data is defined, and the costs involved in obtaining it. Analyzing this variety of data is time-consuming, expensive, and fraught with inconsistency. And today, when student privacy and data security is a top priority, institutions must demonstrate the proper handling and management of PII.

The new LTI Insights project from 1EdTech Consortium utilizes a consistent, common approach for retrieving data from each learning product, thus providing the institution a more consistent set of data from which to make decisions.

Our student activity hub would not be possible without 1EdTech standards.

 —Dan Suchy, Director of Educational Technology Services, University of California San Diego

LTI Insights leverages the Caliper Analytics® standard for collecting learning data and combines it with the secure connectivity of Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) to pull together powerful insights into how, when, where, and by whom learning tools are utilized in your online teaching and learning environment.


Who Benefits from LTI Insights?

Academic and technology leaders and information security officers across higher education and K-12 institutions of all types and sizes—especially those responsible for managing campus- or district-wide learning technologies—will get access to real-time, convenient, and consistent data about tool usage aggregated in a single source and displayed in a convenient user-friendly dashboard.

Currently, there are no tools on the market that provide this type of consistent and convenient tool usage data. So be sure to ask your edtech providers if they will be offering LTI Insights data in their product!

1EdTech is looking for a small group of early adopters to begin implementing LTI Insights at their institution throughout 2019 and 2020.