LTI Resource Search

January 2021 Update

LTI Resource Search v1.0 is available. This standard gives educators and students using a learning platform the seamless ability to search resource libraries for relevant resources. Find out more.

Resource Search provides a framework for:

  • Learning tools (search consumers) to query learning repositories (search providers).
  • Learning repositories to return metadata about each learning resource.
  • Specific and defined metadata included in the search results.
LTI Resource Search is a powerful way to take advantage of mutiple IMS standards. Searches can be targeted, refined, and filtered to result in meeting a user's exact need. LIT Resource Search interplays with the following specifications in the IMS Ecosystem: LTI, Common Cartridge, and CASE.
  • LTI Resource Search results can be delivered as a web link or LTI.
  • LTI Resource Search can search items within a Common Cartridge or Thin Common Cartridge.
  • LTI Resource Search can search for CASE URIs.
Next Steps for Resource Search:
  • Get connected to suppliers using LTI Resource Search.
  • Confirming certifications for more suppliers.
  • Reviewing feedback to plan LTI Resource Search 1.1.
There are many ways to get involved: