LTI Resource Search

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LTI Resource Search v1.0 is available. This standard gives educators and students using a learning platform the seamless ability to search resource libraries for relevant resources. Find out more.

LTI Resource Search is a powerful way to take advantage of multiple IMS standards. Searches can be targeted, refined, and filtered to result in meeting a user's exact need. LIT Resource Search interplays with the following specifications in the IMS Ecosystem: LTI, Common Cartridge, and CASE.
  • LTI Resource Search can be delivered as a web link or LTI.
  • LTI Resource Search can search items within a Common Cartridge or Thin Common Cartridge.
  • LTI Resource Search can search for CASE URIs.
The LTI Resource Search team's next steps are to get connected to suppliers using LTI Resource Search and confirm certifications for more suppliers. This workgroup is not actively meeting.


Reach out to the Technical Program Manager, Susan Haught, at shaught@1edtech.orgif you have any questions.