1EdTech GLC: Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS) Joins 1EdTech Consortium As a Contributing Member

Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS) Joins 1EdTech Consortium As a Contributing Member

KERIS will provide leadership in e-Learning quality assurance and application of Common Cartridge to digital books
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The 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech GLC) and the Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS) today announced that KERIS has officially joined 1EdTech GLC as a voting contributing member. The two organizations previously signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate on research, development, and deployment of e-Learning standards toward higher levels of e-Learning service in Korea and internationally. As a contributing member of 1EdTech GLC KERIS will now join in providing input and leadership in association with other global leaders in education and learning technology across the government, corporate, and non-profit sectors.

"Based on our collaboration to date, I have no doubt that the addition of KERIS to the 1EdTech GLC membership will result in great advancements in e-Learning standards that will benefit Korea, the Asia-Pacific region, and the world" commented Rob Abel, Chief Executive Officer 1EdTech GLC. "We are entering a new era in which many of the up and coming e-Learning leaders are engaged in the global market and KERIS's participation in 1EdTech GLC will enhance the role of Korea in global leadership."

While organized as a nonprofit member consortium under the laws of the United States, 1EdTech GLC includes participants from around the world, with 38% of the members and subscribers headquartered outside the U.S. Global participation in e-Learning standards organizations used to mean making very broad interpretations of interoperability specifications to fit the needs of a region or country. The increase in global reach in e-Learning products and services has changed the situation, requiring regional profiling processes that tie back to a centralized governing body. 1EdTech GLC now provides extensive tools and defined processes to support regional profiling while coordinating the global interoperability points. In addition, 1EdTech GLC is a Category A Liaison with the International Standards Organization (ISO) SC36, through which the organizations partner on specific bodies of work, such as 1EdTech Access for All, which further enhances globalization.

"We see tremendous synergies between the 1EdTech Common Cartridge, Tools Interoperability, Question and Test Interoperability, and eTextbook working groups and future directions for our award-winning Cyber Home Learning System and Korean work on the digital textbook," indicates Dr. Dae-Joon Hwang, President of KERIS. "We also believe that the robust participation in 1EdTech GLC among governments, product companies, and end-user organizations makes it the perfect venue to pursue standards for e-Learning quality, which is of particular importance to Korea."

Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS)
The KERIS is a national institution which specializes in enhancing the effective use of ICT in education and research. Established in 1999, KERIS supports the establishment and implementation of ICT in education policies, while conducting research and analysis and providing quality education and research information services.

According to the ICT in Education Master Plans I~III of Korea, KERIS has undertaken various initiatives to improve teaching and learning in primary and secondary education: 1) National Teaching-Learning Center-EDUNET, 2) Cyber Home Learning System, 3) Digital Library System, 4) Educational Resource Sharing System, 5) National Education Information System for effective online educational administration, 6) National standardization of educational metadata and quality assurance system. To enhance the quality of academic research in higher education, KERIS has successfully established and maintained the Research Information Service System. Also, KERIS has sought to promote international exchanges and cooperation to narrow down the global digital divide in education by supporting developing countries in using ICT in education and organizing international seminars and joint projects.

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