1EdTech GLC: 1EdTech Consortium Announces Pilot Project Exploring Creative Commons Licensing of Interoperability Specifications

1EdTech Learning Consortium Announces Pilot Project Exploring Creative Commons Licensing of Interoperability Specifications

Leading Educational and Learning Technology Standards Consortium Will Pilot New Approach to Supporting Interoperability and Innovation 

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Lake Mary, FL, USA, 3 March 2008. Today the 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech GLC) announced plans to initiate a pilot project in the distribution of interoperability specifications under a form of Creative Commons license. The announcement comes after development of an initial concept paper that was recently reviewed by the 1EdTech GLC Board of Directors leading to approval of the pilot project.

Historically, specifications and standards consortia have grappled with the need to be good stewards of the investments made by consortium members and achieving control toward interoperability in practice, while also engendering market innovation. 1EdTech GLC has conceptualized a novel approach that may be applicable to many standards organizations. Today, almost all such organizations publish their specifications under standard copyright.

 “We are pleased to be breaking new ground in achieving wider use of and innovation from open standards while still stepping up to achieving interoperability in practice,” said Rob Abel, CEO of 1EdTech Learning. “1EdTech has been working for two years now to put in place some key processes, such as open source tools for application profiling and testing, that will enable this new approach.”

“The New Zealand Ministry of Education is pleased to be involved with 1EdTech in this exciting innovation and we look forward to exploring new ways of supporting involvement in the development of standards and specifications that enable the contributions of participating partners to be recognized,” commented Murray Leach, Senior Manager, New Zealand Ministry of Education.

The pilot project is to be supported by participants from 1EdTech member organizations. The pilot will refine the proposed approach and test it on an initial set of 1EdTech GLC standards and projects in order to determine effectiveness.

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