1EdTech GLC: 1EdTech Consortium Announces the Digital Learning Connection A New Collaboration Between Educational Institutions and Industry

1EdTech Consortium Announces the Digital Learning Connection – A New Collaboration Between Educational Institutions and Industry

Empowers CIOs to Support Access to a Wide Variety of Interactive Digital Learning Experiences and Content Integrated Through the Enterprise Learning System

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Orlando, Florida, USA – 30 October 2008 – The nonprofit 1EdTech Global Learning Consortium (1EdTech GLC) today announced at Educause 2008 a new program designed to make it easier for faculty, professors, teachers, and IT staff to incorporate digital learning applications and content into course web sites. The Digital Learning Connection is a new collaboration in which digital learning application and content providers are working together to provide access and installation of a wide variety of products and services using a common set of standards-based protocols and formats.

“Pearson Education believes that the Digital Learning Connection, based on the new 1EdTech Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) protocol paves the way for a more seamless user experience for educators and students using online learning applications, such as our MyLab programs,” comments Jim Behnke, Chief Learning Officer, Pearson Education. 

“McGraw-Hill strongly supports the 1EdTech Digital Learning Connection initiative as we feel it will help provide our customers and their community with greater access to our relevant and useful digital content,” said Ed Stanford, President, McGraw-Hill Higher Education. "The initiative is consistent with our commitment to identifying and developing innovative digital solutions in support of teaching and learning at colleges and universities worldwide."

This week at Educause 2008 demonstrations were unveiled showing access to a variety of leading edge digital learning content and applications using the 1EdTech Common Cartridge and LTI standards. This included access to the Pearson MyLabs interactive online learning and formative assessment applications (see ) and the McGraw-Hill Katana system for customizing online courses (see ).

“Penn State is pleased to be working with the 1EdTech Learning Consortium to pilot the Digital Learning Connection Program,” said John Harwood, Senior Director, Teaching and Learning with Technology, Penn State. “The program will increase the incorporation of digital learning into our high enrollment courses by providing ease of use benefits to faculty, while simultaneously improving the technical support of digital content and applications from a variety of providers.” 

“ANGEL Learning is committed to the Common Cartridge and LTI standards and is pleased to be working with Penn State, Pearson, McGraw-Hill and other participants in the Digital Learning Connection,” commented Ray Henderson, Chief Products Officer, ANGEL Learning. “The Digital Learning Connection will accelerate the incorporation of a new generation of digital learning applications and content into the every day experience of teachers and learners.”

ANGEL unveiled a mock-up of the Digital Learning Connection experience from the educator perspective at the Educause conference.

“eCollege is pleased to support open standards for digital content interoperability,” said Matt Leavy, CEO of eCollege. “We are especially pleased to support additional steps to make it easier for schools to access and deploy Common Cartridge content via LTI and the Digital Learning Connection.”

The Digital Learning Connection program is a new initiative that will be piloted at institutions in Fall 2009. Participating partners so far include: ANGEL Learning, Cengage Learning, eCollege, Georgetown University, Giunti Labs, McGraw-Hill, Open University UK, Pearson Education, Penn State University, Jenzabar, University of Michigan, and Wimba.

Institutions or digital learning application or content suppliers interested in participating in the program should contact us or visit the Digital Learning Connection program web site at: /dlc.html ).

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