1EdTech GLC: Five winners take honors at the Learning Impact 2010 Regional Competition in Korea

Five winners take honors at the Learning Impact 2010 Regional Competition in Korea

16 September 2009 – Seoul, Korea and Lake Mary, FL. -- The 1EdTech Learning Impact Awards (LIAs) 2010 Asia-Pacific Regional Competition, which was recently held in conjunction with Asia’s “e-Learning Exposition & Conference” culminated with five winners out of twelve contenders from three countries, progressing to the global competition next year.

The Learning Impact Awards (LIAs) recognize use of technology to improve learning across all education segments and in all regions of the world. The LIA awards are unique in that they recognize the use of technology in context. Nominations include not only information about the technology but how it is used by an education provider. In addition, the entries are evaluated according to eight criteria of impact, including improving access to learning, improving affordability of learning, and improving the quality of learning.

The judges for the regional competition included Dr. Rob Abel, Ed.D. Chief Executive Officer of 1EdTech Consortium, Dr. Dae-Joon Hwang, CEO of 1EdTech Korea, and Dr. Byoung-Rho Lim, a professor at Kyung Hee University.

The five winners of the regional competition are now invited to continue in the global LIA competition which is held in conjunction with 1EdTech Consortium’s annual conference, Learning Impact 2010 which will be held in Long Beach, California, USA the 17-20 May 2010.

The winners of the 1EdTech Learning Impact Award 2010 Asia-Pacific Regional Competition are:





My TeachingMate
@ Young-sin High School

The TeachingMATE Tool is educational material authoring software. Every Instructor can execute online teaching & learning activities in his e-class on the school site with various online educational functions.

Jungang Education Institute for Public Servants

Cyber Education Center for public servants

Cyber Education Center for public servants have built and operated an e-learning atmosphere to strengthen the abilities of public servants and cultivate creative human resources.

Ngee Ann Secondary School

GetsmART in Ngee Ann Secondary School

GetsmART is an art gallery designed by teachers in the social networking world of Second Life to help teachers use works of visual art in their curriculum to strengthen students’ thinking and learning in a 3-dimensional virtual world. 

Sigong Media

The elementary e-curriculum library for educators

Curriculum content including subject activities in science, social studies, morality, music, art, physical education, etc. Curriculum activity data based on video clips, images, animations, flash data, extra curriculum data, and assessment data are offered in a compact and integrated manner.


Digital Text book
(Digitalized English Textbook by grades)

The product is designed to gain suitable educational achievement for each learner through individual studying during regular classes

LIA Regional

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According to the ICT in Education Master Plans I~III of Korea, KERIS has undertaken various initiatives to improve teaching and learning in primary and secondary education: 1) National Teaching-Learning Center-EDUNET, 2) Cyber Home Learning System, 3) Digital Library System, 4) Educational Resource Sharing System, 5) National Education Information System for effective online educational administration, 6) National standardization of educational metadata and quality assurance system.
To enhance the quality of academic research in higher education, KERIS has successfully established and maintained the Research Information Service System. Also, KERIS has sought to promote international exchanges and cooperation to narrow the global digital divide in education by supporting developing countries in using ICT in education and organizing international seminars and joint projects. visit

About 1EdTech Korea
1EdTech Korea is an organization in which KERIS and representative businesses leading the e-Learning market have participated and carried out various activities to develop international and national standards as well as group standards. At present, KERIS is in charge of operating the secretariat, and its members include SK C&C, Tekville, DUNet, 4CSoft, Daulsoft, CTUnion, and Ubion. 1EdTech Korea has maintained close collaborative relationships with 1EdTech GLC and performed the following activities.

The activities of 1EdTech Korea are:

  1. Operating 1EdTech Korea projects group in accordance with the projects of 1EdTech GLC
  2. Developing a business model and creating a new e-learning market
  3. Fostering Korea’s e-learning professionals and providing consulting
  4. Supporting e-learning standards (1EdTech or KS) application agencies
  5. Forming foundation for the future launch of Asia-Pacific 1EdTech (Tentative name)

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