1EdTech GLC:1EdTech Consortium Announces SunGard Higher Education and Oracle will Support Industry-Wide Adoption of Open Technology Standards

1EdTech Consortium Announces SunGard Higher Education and Oracle will Support Industry-Wide Adoption of Open Technology Standards

1EdTech Learning Information Services Promotes Flexible Integration Across Enterprise Applications

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LAKE MARY, Fla. – 04 November 2009 – The 1EdTech Learning Consortium (1EdTech GLC) today announced that Oracle and SunGard Higher Education are leading a collaboration among 1EdTech member organizations to establish an open standard for exchanging data  pertaining to teaching and learning collaboration and learning outcomes.

The 1EdTech Learning Information Services (LIS) open standards help enable flexible integration across a wide variety of enterprise applications. This includes student systems and learning/course management systems as well as hosted email/collaboration suites, communication platforms, web-hosted learning applications, web-hosted audio and video lecture platforms, classroom capture and homework systems, and other applications commonly used in teaching and learning.

The 1EdTech LIS standards provide open specifications for services that enable the exchange of data in a consistent and reliable manner. Use of a services approach allows flexibility in how applications can be configured across the enterprise from a single authoritative database. Currently, enterprise integrations occur through numerous point-to-point integrations that are difficult to maintain and hinder upgrading to or inclusion of new applications.

“Our goal is to reduce the cost and complexity of supporting user provisioning to numerous applications across the enterprise,” said Curtiss Barnes, vice president, Industry Product Strategy, Education & Research, Oracle Corp. “When an institution puts LIS in place it can focus information technology resources on providing better information and service to institutional leaders instead of development and maintenance of an increasing proliferation of point-to-point integrations.”

“SunGard Higher Education is a strong supporter of open source and open standards,” said David Murray, vice president, SunGard Higher Education.  “Interoperability is essential in our newly announced Open Digital Campus strategy, providing higher education institutions with more flexibility to shape how technology meets their evolving needs.  Collaborating with 1EdTech GLC, we aim to enable greater choice on behalf of instructors in the tools they use to enhance the learning process for their students.”

Jenzabar has also joined SunGard Higher Education and Oracle to support the LIS standard.  Support from these three organizations means that LIS will be supported by suppliers that collectively comprise about two-thirds of the vendor-based, higher education student systems market in North America.

To provide software adapters, test software, and online forums to support institutions and application providers implementing LIS, 1EdTech has established the LIS Alliance (/lis/alliance.html). In addition, demonstrations of LIS application support will be featured at the 1EdTech quarterly meeting to be held in Orlando February 8-11 and the annual 1EdTech Learning Impact conference to be held in Long Beach May 17-20, 2010 (/learningimpact2010/agenda.html).  

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