1EdTech GLC:The Global Learning Resource Connection and the 1EdTech Consortium Announce a Partnership to Enhance the Discovery of Educational Resources Using the Semantic Web


The Global Learning Resource Connection and the 1EdTech Consortium Announce a Partnership to Enhance the Discovery of Educational Resources Using the Semantic Web
Partnership will leverage web technology to enable open electronic publishing and searching of educational resources supporting countries and states around the world establishing core educational standards

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Tucson, AZ and Lake Mary, FL USA – 13 July 2010 – The Global Learning Resource Connection (GLRC) and the 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech) today announced a new collaboration that will help governments worldwide set-up web-based directories of educational resources searchable by national or state standards.
GLRC is a powerful public/private global collaboration to implement the international linking of education resources for teacher/learner access and use.  Using Semantic Web/Linked Data principles, GLRC supports the trans-jurisdictional mapping of learning outcomes creating a globally connected, navigable environment for publishing and finding learning resources.

1EdTech membership has experienced rapid growth as interoperability between digital education resources, learning management systems and libraries becomes an absolute necessity in today's economy and mobile society.  1EdTech has been working across its membership to deploy tagging of learning resources according to state and national standards. 1EdTech has been leveraging learning objective data provided through the Achievement Standards Network (ASN), a Semantic Web enabled repository of more than 350,000 learning objectives in RDF. The ASN database and associated web services are freely available via the Web. As a result, solutions using the 1EdTech-compliant Common Cartridge digital content standards are well-positioned to join the quick-growing number of Linked Data solutions, a recommended best practice for exposing, sharing, and connecting pieces of data, information, and knowledge on the Semantic Web, using URIs and RDF.

The GLRC and 1EdTech partnership will feature special interest group working sessions at the quarterly 1EdTech member meetings, led by GLRC. The purpose of the sessions will be to help government and supplier organizations collaborate on the deployment of the GLRC solution and to achieve coordination with related 1EdTech interoperability standards activities.
“1EdTech members are represented by expert technologists from nations leading the charge in educational resource sharing and are actively working on supporting ASN education objectives into 1EdTech specifications,” explains Diny Golder, executive director of JES & Co. and director of the Global Learning Resource Connection. “In expanding those efforts to include the underlying GLRC services that will support the world's first education-focused Semantic Web solution, 1EdTech takes one step further in addressing mobile and global educational needs.”

Dr. Rob Abel, Chief Executive Officer of 1EdTech adds: “It is encouraging to see the GLRC collaboration taking place and 1EdTech is pleased to support it.  As leading governments around the world move to focus on core educational standards, the obvious next step is to put in place an infrastructure to leverage the standards to publish and discover a growing array of digital learning resource alternatives, The GLRC partnership with 1EdTech directly addresses this critical need.”


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