1EdTech GLC: 1EdTech Consortium releases Common Cartridge v1.1 Standard

1EdTech Consortium releases Common Cartridge v1.1 Standard
Integration of digital learning resources in an interoperable format streamlines content exchange across learning platforms

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24 February 2011, Lake Mary, FL. – 1EdTech Consortium today announced the release of the  highly anticipated final release of Common Cartridge v1.1.  The Common Cartridge standard provides a means for interoperability, reusability, and customization of digital learning content, assessments, collaborative discussion forums, and a diverse set of learning applications. The standard offers both end-users and vendors  the possibility of greater choice in both content and platforms. This latest version of Common Cartridge includes support for Basic Learning Tools Interoperability which provides a  standard way of integrating rich learning applications or premium content with platforms such as Learning Management Systems, portals, or other systems.

1EdTech encourages both developers and end-users to adopt the Common Cartridge v1.1 standard as a new baseline for  delivering and authoring content, while still supporting the import of version 1 common cartridges in order to leverage the considerable number of cartridges already available in the marketplace.  Common Cartridge was developed by 1EdTech Members, Affiliates and Alliance Members as part of an ongoing evolution of the Digital Learning Services set of standards.

Numerous organizations have already achieved compliance or are in the process of achieving compliance to the Common Cartridge standard through participation in the CC/LTI Alliance.  Participants in the CC/LTI Alliance receive extensive support to implement conformant products.

The standard can be downloaded for free from the 1EdTech GLC website at /cc/  and we encourage feedback in the public Common Cartridge forum.

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