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1EdTech Consortium Announces the 2011 Learning Impact Award Winners

Finalists from Australia, United Kingdom and USA take top honors

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Long Beach, CA, USA – 24 May 2011 – The 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech GLC) today announced the results of the worldwide annual competition at Learning Impact 2011. Learning Impact is an annual awards program and conference that focuses on improving the impact of technology in helping to address our most significant educational challenges: improving access, affordability, and quality. Thirty finalists recently exhibited at the conference and were evaluated by an expert panel who judged the finalists on their high impact use of technology to support and enhance teaching and learning.

The LIA awards are unique in that they recognize the use of technology in context. Nominations include not only the technology, but also the results achieved by an educational institution to improve learning. Each entry is evaluated according to eight criteria of impact, including improving access to learning, improving affordability of learning, and improving the quality of learning. The winners for the past four years have been analyzed for repeatable high value projects that should be considered by educational institutions for advancing their use of learning technology.

Established initiatives (in production use for more than 1 year) were evaluated separately from the new (in production use for less than 1 year) and R&D initiatives (research and development – not yet in production). The 2011 award winners are as follows:

Platinum Awards (established initiatives):

  • Using eXact LCMS at the UKS NHS - eXact learning solutions and e-Learning for Healthcare (United Kingdom)
  • Wimba @ Work: Improving Access for High Needs Career Education - Blackboard and Bloomsburg University (USA)
Platinum Awards (new and R&D initiatives):
  • Diving Supervisor and Chamber Supervisor Training Simulator - Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme, Inc (ADAS) and Active Learning Partners (Australia)
  • Turbocharging FLVS' Content with Octane(TM) from, Inc. -, Inc and Florida Virtual School (USA)

Gold Awards (established initiatives):

  • EF Englishtown - Englishtown B.V. (Switzerland)
  • The Progressive Science Initiative and the Progressive Mathematics Initiative: an effective new approach to student learning and teacher training -SMART Technologies and New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning (USA)

Gold Awards (new and R&D initiatives):
  • ALPS CETL "Promoting the Concept of Competency Maps and Interprofessional Assessments linked to e-Portfolios to Enhance the Student Learning Experience in Preparation for Work Based Learning, Employability and Life Long Learning”. - ALPS CETL team (United Kingdom)
  • Cengage Learning Course360 Custom Course Solutions in 1EdTech Common Cartridge v1.0 - Cengage Learning (USA)

Silver Awards (established initiatives):
  • SCU Learning WAVE - Seoul Cyber University(Korea)
  • Campus Pack and Baldwin-Wallace College: Encouraging student educational goal planning and facilitating life-long learning - Learning Objects, Inc. and Baldwin-Wallace College (USA)
Silver Awards (new and R&D initiatives):
  • ONYX: modular QTI 2.1 based e-assessment - BPS Bildungsportal Sachsen GmbH (Germany)
  • Open Learning for Science Education - The Richness of European Science Centres and Museums Connected to Users and Learners Worldwide - Ecsite - the European Network of Science Centres and Museums (Multiple EU Countries)

Bronze Awards (established initiatives):

  • Mathletics - 3P Learning Pty Ltd (Australia)
  • FASTEL(For All Students & Teachers in the E-Learning space) - Ministry of Education, Science and Technology & Kongju National University and SK C&C (Korea)
Bronze Awards (new and R&D initiatives):
  • iUOC: Enhanced Mobile Learning at UOC - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) supported by Orange Spain (Spain)
  • Jericho: Breaking down the barriers of vocational career choices & workplace assessment -S&B Automotive Academy and JISC-RSC South West England (United Kingdom)

The following nominations received non-medal Learning Impact Leadership Awards:

Established initiatives:
  • 4-Screen based “Converged Smart Learning Platform(CSLP)” - SK Telecom and 4CSoft, Inc.(Korea)
  • Innovative Global Classroom System (IGCS) - Institute for Information Industry & Hong Ding Technology Co., Ltd (Taiwan)
  • @ PennState: Help! I Need Training Now! Providing Just-in-Time Training - Online Training Library and Penn State University (USA)
  • Using HarvestRoad Hive: Birmingham Learning Platform - eXact learning solutions and Link2ICT (Italy)
  • Redefining 'Class' - Wanganui Park Secondary College (Australia)
  • LTI-enabled e-learning System at Yeungnam University - DUNET and Yeungnam University (Korea)

New and R&D initiatives:

  • eRepository-BLTI-ANGEL@PennState - Penn State University (USA)
    Harmonizing Virtual Mobility and the European Qualification Framework - VIRQUAL and Universidade do Porto (Portugal)
    Enabling Integrated Learning Environments (EILE) - University of Kent (United Kingdom)
    Standard Development Research on the Connection between e-Learning and e-Textbooks Implemented by ePub - KERIS (Korea Education Research & Information system) (Korea)
    The Project about Development of an Open Source Based for Implementation of Smart Learning environment - KERIS(Korea Education Research & Information system) (Korea)
    Learning Components at Utah Valley University - Learning Components and Utah Valley University (USA)
    Lightwork - Managing Marking Effectively - Massey University (New Zealand)
  • Education Living Lab in Cloud Computing - Ngee Ann Secondary School (Singapore)

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