1EdTech GLC: LAMS and the LAMS Community fromMacquarie University and the LAMS foundation wins Australian Regional Learning Impact Competition

LAMS and the LAMS Community from Macquarie University and the LAMS foundation wins Australian Regional Learning Impact Competition

Scootle and QTImPlayer take second and third prizes at the competition in Melbourne Australia

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18 November 2008 -- Melbourne, Australia and Lake Mary, Florida, USA. The winners of the Australian Regional Learning Impact Awards (LIA) competition were announced at the IDEA 2008 conference on 13 November 2008.The two day conference was hosted jointly by the Australian Government -Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, Link Affiliates, and the University of Southern Queensland.

The LIA awards are unique in that they recognize the use of technology in context.  Nominations include information about the technology along with how it is used by an educational or training organization. Entries are evaluated according to eight criteria of impact, including improving access to learning, improving affordability of learning, and improving the quality of learning.

LAMS (Learning Activity Management System) and the LAMS Community with Macquarie University and the LAMS foundation took the top prize and first place in the competition. LAMS provides educators with a visual drag-and-drop environment for authoring and sharing Learning Designs, along with a Learning environment for deployment with students, and a teacher monitoring environment for tracking student progress. 

Second place in the competition was awarded to Scootle from The Le@rning Federation. Scootle is a secure online teaching and learning environment for teachers , trainee teachers  and  students to help them find and use national digital resources.
QTImPlayer with support from TAFE Tasmania & TAFE NSW Armidale Inst was the third place winner. QTImPlayer is  a mobile application enabling the user to access, read, play, complete, record and report outcomes for 1EdTech Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) 2.0 compliant and validated assessment tools.

All three winners will be invited to compete at an international level at the Learning Impact Awards to be held in Barcelona Spain the 11‐14 May 2009. Any organization may submit a nomination for the international competition at /learningimpact2009/liformchoice.cfm until 31 December 2008. Information and registration for the Learning Impact Conference is available at: /learningimpact2009/index.html

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James Dalziel , LAMS: Learning Activity Management Systems and Prof Alan Smith University of Southern Queensland (Judge Panel)









Second Place: Nick Weideman and Preety Agarwal, Scootle











Third Place – QTImPlayer :Stephen Brain and Peter Higgs TAFE Tasmania